Generoso and Lily’s Bovine Ska and Rocksteady: Ruddy Redwood’s SRS Label 11-14-17

Hello Bovine Ska and Rocksteady Listeners,
We dedicate this week’s Bovine Ska to a lovely man and a true lover of cinema, David Pendleton, who passed away last week after suffering from colon cancer at the age 52. In honor of David, we have selected an hour of beautiful and fun Jamaican covers of songs and soundtracks from the films of the 50s, 60s, and 70s to begin our show. Don D Junior’s 1969 reggae version of the theme from Marcel Camus’ Black Orpheus, Roland Alphonso’s 1967 rocksteady take on the soundtrack of the Stanley Donen film, Charade, and many more which will hope will honor David’s memory in a way that he would’ve enjoyed as he loved Jamaican music. Rest in peace David.

This week’s label spotlight is on Ruddy Redwood’s short-lived reggae imprint (1969-72), SRS Supreme Ruler of Sound. Through SRS,, you will hear superb cuts from from Tommy McCook, Dennis Walks, and Winston Wright. XO Generoso and Lily

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