Generoso and Lily’s Bovine Ska and Rocksteady: A Memorial for Bob, Apple, and Delroy 3-31-20

Hello Bovine Ska and Rocksteady Friends,

We very much hope that you are staying healthy and strong during these hard days. Last week we sadly lost three distinct talents who shaped Jamaican music over their careers. We first lost Albert “Apple” Gabriel of Israel Vibration on March 23rd, and on March 27th, we heard about the passing of both Jamaican-born UK singer and songwriter, Delroy Washington, and a man who we and many consider one of the greatest composers in Jamaican music history, Bob Andy. We did our best to give our respects to these three men during this week’s show and we wish that we could have played more from each from their storied careers. It is our hope that this show serves as not only a tribute, but as a way for you to begin to explore each of their catalogs on your own going forward. We extend our deepest respects to the family and friends of Bob, Delroy, and Apple. Rest in power. Love, Generoso and Lily

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