Generoso and Lily’s Bovine Ska and Rocksteady: Our 26th Halloween Reggae Spectacular 10-29-22

Happy Halloween Bovine Ska and Rocksteady Friends!

This year’s Halloween Spectacular is all about THE UNIVERSAL MONSTERS!  Yes, with our show this year we honor that golden age of Universal Pictures from the 1930s through the 1950s, that helped make stars out of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and many other things that go bump in the night!  You’ll hear some killer reggaes like U Brown’s Wolfman Rock from 1975 and Ringo’s spooky 1979 cut Frakenstine! We also shared some fun facts about the films, and played some rare silly horror disco behind us through the program!  So, make yourself a garlic necklace and enjoy our tribute to the Universal Monsters!  Happy Halloween! XO Generoso and Lily


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